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Health and Wellness is the Key to Growth

Over the past 20 years employee health and wellness has been on the decline (read more about this concerning trend here).  Encouraging your employees to engage in a healthy lifestyle will not only make them more productive on the job, it can also help reduce the costs of your Employee Benefits Program.

To help your employees on the path to healthy living, here are some ideas you can share with them:

  • Did you know that being outside offers numerous mental and physical health benefits? Benefits of the Outdoors
  • You don’t have to choose between taking a break and staying fit. Here are some ideas for fun, active vacations: Fitness-Based Vacations
  • Stay healthy with these strategies for alleviating your stress response: Say Yes to Less Stress

For more on how to build a robust Health and Wellness program for your business, please reach out to an Arbutus Financial Team member.