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Why Offer Employee Benefits?

For a business to be successful, you need great PEOPLE.  We continue to hear employees are a business’ most valuable asset; therefore, it’s important to protect your employees.  For many employers, the need to retain key talent and attract new employees would be difficult (and sometimes impossible) without a comprehensive employee benefits program.

When employers are asked “why they provide employee benefits”, we consistently hear the following:

  • Retention – providing employee benefits is key to retaining our best people
  • Attraction – a competitive employee benefits plan that is as good or better than our peer competitors is required to attract top talent
  • Tax-effective – unlike salary increases, employee benefits are non-taxable thus a valuable component of our employees’ overall compensation package
  • Obligation – there is a moral obligation to protect our employees and their families from the financial hardship caused by premature death, disability or critical illness.

All businesses are unique and have their own reasons for provide employee benefits.  The key is to design an employee benefits program that delivers value to your employees and is flexible to meet the needs of your diverse workforce but is affordable and sustainable long term.

We can help. We are experts with traditional employee benefits programs as well as innovative approaches that integrate health & wellness, drug and disability management, flex benefits and more.

We supplement this with proactive analysis and in-depth reporting on the performance of your employee benefits program so you can make informed decisions.   Our focus on providing a high level of plan administration support, employee advocacy and HR resources ensures you received exception service and trusted advice.