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Helping Charities Thrive Through Mythbusting!

Ready to start making philanthropy a part of your financial plan? What better way to express gratitude for the great efforts of your favorite charities than by making a donation. The decision on how much and which charities to donate to can be a difficult one. Continue reading to learn more about one of six common… Read more »

Majority of Canadians Want Financial Education in the Workplace: Survey

Financial wellness impacts engagement and productivity.  Organizations are at their best when their employees are at their best.  Does your health and wellness program include financial education? A survey by the Canadian Payroll Association identifies the impact of financial stress on employees in the workplace. Majority of Canadians Want Financial Education in the Workplace: Survey… Read more »

Financial Literacy Month – November 2019

November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada and the theme for this year is “Take Charge of your Finances”. The topics highlighted this month are Start with a Budget, Set Financial Goals, Be a Smart Financial Consumer and Borrow Money Wisely. Each of these important topics will help set you up for financial success and… Read more »

CRA clarifies TOSI’s gross business income test

For a number of our incorporated clients, the new CRA Tax On Split Income (TOSI) rules are confusing.  These rules relate to splitting income and the resulting tax rates.  CRA has recently provided some examples to assist with interpretation.  Explore the following article to learn more… CRA clarifies TOSI’s gross business income test Investment Executive, Michelle Schriver |… Read more »

The Importance Of Disability Income Protection

The income we earn is a cornerstone for our personal financial well being. Our earnings go to lifestyle expenses such as family, rent/ mortgage, food, gas, etc. If, due to an accident or sickness, one of your employees was unable to work how would they manage? Access short-term savings? Borrow from family or friends? As… Read more »

2019 Canadian Debt Survey

Debt – it used to be a nasty word. Today it is certainly more commonplace. In fact, we Canadians have been embracing debt. Refinancing our homes, lines of credit, car loans, credit cards etc. etc. At Arbutus Financial, we believe debt, when used wisely, can be very useful in one’s financial plan. However, it can… Read more »

After Graduation Planning

At Arbutus Financial we are proud of the support we have provided to many families in helping our client’s children and grandchildren save and attend post-secondary education. What happens after graduation and how to establish good money habits is the focus of the video below. We have also included a link for a useful budgeting… Read more »

Tax Planning For U.S. Citizens Living In Canada

A number of our clients carry U.S. citizenship and live in Canada.  This results in greater complexity regarding both U.S. and Canadian tax planning.  They are very aware of the growing complexity (and likely their growing frustration also). Read on to learn about five common traps for U.S. citizens living in Canada… U.S. citizens living… Read more »