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Our Locations

Head Office Suite 304, 1755 W. Broadway Ave. Vancouver, BC V6J 4S5 Phone: 604.731.1100 | Fax: 604.731.2001 Toll Free: 877.228.2171   North Nanaimo Suite 2, 4515 Uplands Drive Nanaimo, BC V9T 6M8 Phone: 250.758.1154 | Fax: 866.705.5410 Toll Free: 877.758.1154     Victoria #201 – 1701 Island Hwy Victoria, BC V9B 1J1 Phone: 250.658.3908 |… Read more »

Insurance Planning

Insurance provides peace of mind and, in some cases, efficient tax planning.  Does your insurance do that for you?  Do you have the right types of coverage?  Do you know the appropriate amount of life insurance to cover your needs?  Your largest asset is your ability to earn an income.  Is it protected properly?  If… Read more »

Debt Strategies

There is good debt and bad debt.  Have you structured your debts in the most tax effective way possible?  When was the last time you reviewed how your debt worked for you?  Do you have the best type and term of mortgage for your financial plan? Working with you, we can create a plan to… Read more »

Will & Estate Planning

Your will is the last planning document you have to legally outline your intentions after death.  Have you updated it recently?  Does it address your current situation and your intentions?  Having an up-to-date legally binding will is a key element of your estate planning.  At Arbutus Financial, we work with allied professionals to assure this area… Read more »

Building Wealth

Have you wanted to put in place a savings plan but just can’t find the funds to do so?  Do you have a savings plan but want to be sure it is the most tax effective plan?  Do you know if an RRSP or TFSA is better for your situation today and tomorrow? We start… Read more »

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a process.  At Arbutus Financial, we use a six step process to take stock of where you are today and identify strategies to help you accomplish your current and future goals. By working together to help you discover and define your values and goals, we will clearly understand your vision and assure… Read more »

Charitable Giving

Time to consider giving to causes that matter to you, while reducing your personal tax burden.  Planned giving can provide so much more value than simply giving cash to worthy causes.  Creative uses of life insurance, annuities, property or investment portfolios expand and multiply your donation to have a greater impact on the world.