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Do you know how to help prevent bullying?

Pink Shirt Day is Wednesday, February 22.

Bullying is not a normal part of growing up.

BUILD SELF-ESTEEM. Value your child’s contributions and achievements. If they are socially isolated at school, get them involved in community activities.

Teach your child that if they see someone being bullied, THEY SHOULD NOT WATCH, LAUGH OR JOIN IN.

Help kids see the value of offering EMPATHY AND SUPPORT to those who are bullied.

WORK WITH YOUR SCHOOL to educate others about the problem of bullying.

MODEL RESPECTFUL BEHAVIOURS at home and in your daily interactions.

Preventing Bullying Tips for Parents and Caregivers

If my child is being bullied:

• Listen to your child entirely before reacting
• Involve your child in finding solutions
• With your child’s help, create a team of support for you and your child (teachers, school counselors, trusted family members, etc.)
• Help your child learn how to cope with stress and anxiety
• Build your child’s capacity to respond effectively to bullying by:
o Abstaining from violence
o Not counter-bullying
• Help your child build their self-esteem by:
o Engaging them in activities they enjoy
o Praising their good efforts and accomplishments
• Remind your child that you love them
• Know when the problem is getting too big for them, and seek appropriate intervention
• To get help: Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868 or

If my child is engaging in bullying behaviour:

  • Stay calm and be firm – let your child know that bullying is not acceptable
  • Find out what motivates your child to bully, and encourage open and honest discussion
  • Use non-violent and age-appropriate consequences; set rules
  • Discuss how your child can take steps to repair the damage caused by their bullying behaviour
  • With your child’s help, create a team of support for the both of you (teachers, school counsellors, trusted family members, etc.)
  • Be a positive role model in your child’s life by being aware of how you use your own power


If my child is witnessing bullying:

  • Explore the different options for your child to stand up against bullying
  • Educate your child to intervene immediately to stop the bullying, but to get an adult to help with the intervention if it’s unsafe to act without an adult present
  • Approach the person being bullied to provide support
  • Explain the difference between “tattling” on someone as opposed to reporting in order to stop someone from getting hurt
  • Encourage your child to come up with creative ways to intervene in a bulling situation, such as changing the subject or starting a game
  • Set a good example for your child by showing that you care about others

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