Peace of mind through financial confidence

This is the time in your life when the kids are grown up (hopefully out of the house and getting established) but also when health issues for aging parents can become much more of a concern.  It is a time to re-evaluate and refocus on goals and lifestyle plans that used to be “far off into the future” but are suddenly looming larger.  It is time to “set the priorities”, ‘face the challenges”, “embrace the opportunities” and commit to the successful completion of your goals – just like when you were first starting out .

You may be considering some of the following questions at this stage in your life:

  • What do I enjoy doing outside of work?  How can I find more time to do those things, now that my career is well-established?
  • When do I want to retire and what do I plan to do in retirement?
  • How much do I need to save for retirement?
  • How quickly can I eliminate my debt?
  • Do I want to help my family (children, parents, siblings) financially?  Can I?
  • How can I contribute in a meaningful way to my community and the organizations that matter to me?

Building Wealth

Have you wanted to put in place a savings plan but just can’t find the funds to do so?  Do you have a savings plan but want to be sure it is the most tax effective plan?  Do you know if an RRSP or TFSA is better for your situation today and tomorrow?

We start by establishing a detailed budget to help you save for your life goals all while still having fun in today’s world. Paying yourself first is an essential habit in order to prosper financially in the future.  Specific to your own unique situation, we will help you choose the most appropriate savings vehicles and investments to reach your goals.

Debt Strategies

There is good debt and bad debt.  Have you structured your debts in the most tax effective way possible?  When was the last time you reviewed how your debt worked for you?  Do you have the best type and term of mortgage for your financial plan?

Working with you, we can create a plan to handle your current debt in the most efficient way and nurture the focus and discipline to have only ‘good debt’ moving forward.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a process.  At Arbutus Financial, we use a six step process to take stock of where you are today and identify strategies to help you accomplish your current and future goals. By working together to help you discover and define your values and goals, we will clearly understand your vision and assure your financial plan fits.  We answer questions about retirement forecasting and planning. What contingency planning has been done?  How much money do you need to keep your current lifestyle in retirement?  By identifying the challenges to accomplishing your vision, we can build a plan addressing the barriers to achieving your goals.  We will help you to implement recommendations and complete the steps paramount to your success.  Finally, we will meet annually to update the plan and assure life’s changes are addressed in your plan.

Insurance Planning

Insurance provides peace of mind and, in some cases, efficient tax planning.  Does your insurance do that for you?  Do you have the right types of coverage?  Do you know the appropriate amount of life insurance to cover your needs?  Your largest asset is your ability to earn an income.  Is it protected properly?  If a loved one gets sick or is injured, will you be able to take time away from work to look after them?

Work with us to understand the coverage you have and to create a plan to protect your current and future assets.

Charitable Giving

Time to consider giving to causes that matter to you, while reducing your personal tax burden.  Planned giving can provide so much more value than simply giving cash to worthy causes.  Creative uses of life insurance, annuities, property or investment portfolios expand and multiply your donation to have a greater impact on the world.

Will & Estate Planning

Your will is the last planning document you have to legally outline your intentions after death.  Have you updated it recently?  Does it address your current situation and your intentions?  Having an up-to-date legally binding will is a key element of your estate planning.  At Arbutus Financial, we work with allied professionals to assure this area of your planning is in order and will do what you intend.