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The Benefits of Budgeting

The importance of knowing what comes in and what goes out

Let’s capture the momentum of the New Year and improve our knowledge of our personal finances.  This will provide greater peace of mind, and clarity around steps you need to take to get things back on track.  Some people just naturally live within their means, without paying much attention to the relationship between how much they make and how much they spend.  For others, every month is a challenge.  It’s important to be well informed about your financial position.  A really effective way of doing this is to spend a few minutes and go through a simple budget exercise.  You will be surprised what you learn when you shed light on where you spend money.

Get started with this helpful online budget calculator.  Have your last two bank and credit card statements handy to help with entering information.  Once complete, this process will help you understand the flow of your income, savings and expenses.    There’s even a downloadable Excel file if you prefer to do this offline.

If you’d like to discuss this topic in greater detail or have any questions, please reach out to a member of your Arbutus Financial Team.