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AFS Insights: Individual Services

Week 1 is Money Basics

It’s Financial Literacy Month! All month long we will be updating you with different topics to focus on, all on getting back to basics. Advocis has a wealth of information on each topic that we hope you’ll enjoy! Week one is Money Basics: The fundamentals of how to be smarter with your money, including information… Read more »

November is Financial Literacy Month

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Financial Literacy Month. It is also a challenging time for many Canadians who may be struggling financially due to the COVD-19 pandemic. The goal this year is to help Canadians gain financial confidence and make informed financial decisions relevant to their circumstances by equipping them with practical tips… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving

On behalf of the entire Arbutus Financial team we would like to wish you and your family a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Each year at Thanksgiving we pause to give thanks for the many blessings in our lives and in particular during this pandemic year extra thanks to our family, friends, and clients for… Read more »

September is National Life Insurance Month

Like most things related to financial planning, life insurance can seem complicated and overwhelming at first. However, much like death and taxes, buying life insurance is a part of life and a crucial element of comprehensive financial planning. Here, we’ve broken it down for you. Always seek help from the professional that you trust at… Read more »

New way to get your Manulife Securities statements online

We have some additional information for you from Manulife regarding their new online access. You may have already received an email from them. Please contact any AFS team member if you have any questions or need help with the new process. Sign up before electronic delivery or your documents on Client Access ends. The online… Read more »

Capital Markets Update -Philip Petursson, Manulife Investments

During these unique economic times, the importance of discussing not only challenges, but new opportunities arises. We wanted to share a presentation by Chief Investment Strategist Philip Petursson of Manulife Investments, who was able to share some time on April 13th in an exclusive session with Arbutus Financial. Please see the meeting summary below. Capital… Read more »

Online Support Options for the Young and Young at Heart

With the reality of COVID-19 causing the vast majority of us to stay home, and you have already watched everything on Netflix, you may find this list of resources helpful. Online Resources May we also remind you not to constantly be addicted to the “breaking news”. Turning off phones, PCs and unplugging is important for… Read more »

Covid-19 Support Programs for Individuals

March 20, 2020 If you are like most of us, it’s a bit challenging to figure out what the Government is offering and how it applies to you specifically. There is still much more information to come from the Government to assist with understanding how these programs will work and the timing of when financial… Read more »

Economic Implications of Covid-19 Virus

In recent weeks, news about Covid-19 has dominated headlines and has become even more prominent in the last week as the virus continues to spread. But there is something that has been spreading even more quickly; fear. This includes fear about the economies that have been affected by the coronavirus. The fact is uncertainty breeds… Read more »


Getting sick can be expensive. Really expensive. The likelihood of being afflicted with a serious illness is high. Medical expenses can be high also. Recovery can take a long time and this can be very challenging for you and your family. Did you know about one in six bankruptcies are health related? Critical Illness insurance… Read more »