Peace of mind through financial confidence

Many businesses have fluctuating cash balances in their operating accounts.  For various reasons, these cash balances build up at certain times.

  • Does your business have surplus cash on hand?
  • Do you have seasonal revenue (eg milestone payments, tuition, etc.)?
  • Have you completed a financing recently?
  • Are you a non-profit doing fundraising?

We can help.  We are experts in the management of short-term money.

We access institutional rates at major banks, insurance companies and trust companies.  We work with our clients to custom design solutions to increase the yield on short-term cash you want to keep liquid and accessible.

Our simple and flexible treasury management solutions ensure your cash is working as hard as you do.  Over time, a small enhancement in interest rate can make a big difference.

Overnight Accounts

Liquidity, flexibility and an attractive interest rate are the key attributes of an Overnight Account.  We link this account to your current operating account and you can transfer funds back and forth either on your own (online) or through our office.  Interest is earning on the daily balance, and reported monthly.  This simplifies accounting.  There is no minimum balance required.

Term Deposits

With an understanding of your projected cash flow needs, we customize term deposit ladders from 30 days to long-term.  With both redeemable and non-redeemable solutions, and full access as Deposit Brokers, we search the market for the best rates.  Arbutus Financial is a member of the Registered Deposit Brokers Association of Canada.

Safety and Security

More important than interest rate, is the strength and security of the financial institution where your funds reside.  We select and monitor our financial partners very carefully.  We work with the major Canadian banks, insurance companies and trust/credit unions.  On larger amounts of money, we may utilize multiple financial institutions as a means to diversify.

Investment Policy

If you have an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), this is a very helpful guide for us.  If you do not, it may be beneficial to develop one.    An IPS should include the following:  Purpose, Security, Diversification, Liquidity, Details of what can and cannot be invested in.