Peace of mind through financial confidence

Managing risk within your business makes good sense.  However, it’s difficult to find the time to think about the issues.  To determine the most important risks, find solutions and implement them.

Arbutus Financial helps businesses and business owners identify key risks.  We design and implement solutions to protect the business from the “what if’s”. With the depth of our team, we are capable and familiar with most situations.  When extra help is needed, we utilize our network of allied professionals (such as accountants and lawyers) to provide a comprehensive solution.

Planning for the unexpected is not that difficult.  The challenge is making time to have the discussion, consider the risks, and decide what to do going forward.

Key Person Insurance

In the business world, the loss of a key employee can translate into corporate red ink. The most important element of a successful business is its most valuable people.  For your business, would the loss of a key person seriously affect the position and perception of the business with shareholders, clients, partners, and the industry?  Sales could drop, the corporate cash flow could slow and the position with creditors and banks could become strained.  At the very least, a new person has to be recruited, trained and guided to replace the key employee.  And this takes time and money.  The objective is to provide stability in the event the unexpected occurs.

Buy/Sell Insurance

Do you have a partner in your business?  You may have a written Partnership Agreement.  Do you have insurance to fund this agreement?

Buy/Sell insurance provides guaranteed funds to the business in the event one of the partners becomes critically ill, dies or gets disabled.  The business and surviving shareholder can then use these funds to buy out the ownership of the partner, and have some cash to stabilize the business.

It is good business to have a written and funded Partnership Agreement, documenting the terms under which you or your family will get full value for your ownership stake.

Executive Compensation

There are a number of effective ways to enhance compensation at the senior level of your company.  This may be important in both attracting and retaining great people.  We work closely with the business to develop creative and effective compensation which will have the greatest impact.  Examples include:  Tax-free flex spending accounts (Cost-Plus, Healthcare Spending Accounts), enhanced Life, Critical Illness and Disability insurance, and executive medical assessments.

Individual Pension Plans (IPP) and other tax-effective savings plans can also have a big effect both in terms of retention and tax planning.

Succession Planning

We enjoy working with business owners who seek balance in their work and personal lives.  You’ve worked a lifetime, raised a family and built a business.  Planning for the sale and succession of your business and a successful retirement should be easy.  It’s often not.

With the complexities of owning and managing a business, most people don’t have the time or expertise to plan well for this transition of their business, let alone a financial independence plan based on their values and life goals.  Our focus is helping you protect the value of your business as well as ensuring financial security and success for you and your family.

We have excellent resources to help with this important area of your planning.  Experience has taught us it’s important to begin the planning process as early as possible.  This ensures you have the time and flexibility to tailor a plan specifically for you, your business and your family.

Commercial Insurance

There are many important types of business insurance including Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance, Property and Contents (P&C) Insurance, Liability, etc. Through our partnership with Navacord, a Canadian-based commercial insurance brokerage firm, we can provide a full range of insurance solutions to meet all business insurance needs.