Peace of mind through financial confidence

As the decision maker in your business, you are dedicated to being as efficient and profitable as possible.  A first-rate group retirement plan will help you achieve this goal.

At Arbutus Financial, we take pride in helping small to medium sized firms implement a professionally managed retirement savings program without the need for a full-time administrator, allowing you to focus on what is important – operating your business.

Why introduce a Retirement Savings Program?

  • Increase morale among current employees
  • Greater ease in attracting and retaining key employees
  • Payroll and corporate tax advantages
  • Satisfaction of providing employees with long-term financial security

Canadian workers don’t think they’ll have enough savings for their retirement. Among those who are currently saving for retirement, 70% are worried they aren’t saving enough. Among those who are not saving for retirement, 45% are between the ages of 18 and 34.

Group Retirement Savings Plan

Group Retirement Savings Plans (GRSPs) are generally considered the simplest and most popular group retirement plans.  Easy to set up, the plan allows employers to assist their employees in saving for retirement.  The company can contribute on a required or voluntary basis and employees can contribute using pre-tax dollars (as opposed to an individual RRSP).

Registered Pension Plan

Registered Pension Plans (RPPs) are tax-differed savings plans used to provide retirement income for employees.  They encourage long-term saving and employee loyalty and are designed to attract and retain employees.  Earnings within the plan accumulate tax-free and employees are only taxed when funds are withdrawn at retirement.

Deferred Profit Sharing Plan

Deferred Profit Sharing Plans (DPSPs) are a way for companies to share their profits with employees on a tax-deferred basis.  Employer contributions are based on the company’s financial results, when profits allow, and provide a sense of partnership for employees.

Employee Share Ownership Plan

Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs) provide employees with the opportunity to purchase company stock at a fixed price, which is less than the market value of the shares.  This provides a sense of partnership for employees, as well as a source of investment capital for the company.  It can be a particularly attractive retirement strategy for an owner who prefers to see his/her employees buy the business rather than a competitor.